Seth’s New York Chicken Burger Patty, 250g

Weight 250 g


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Seths Chicken Patty brings is here to fulfil your burger cravings if you are hungry for a New York Style Burger. Bring Home Seths New York Style Chicken, Burger Patty. Loaded with chicken and infused with a flavourful crunch, each bite is built to pack a powerful punch. Its quite addictive. The chicken patty tastes delicious. Bring home New York style burger patty and sandwich it between two burger buns. Enjoy the Chicken Patty all by yourself or with friends and family.

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Chicken Meat, Spices & Condiments, Herbs (Thyme, Coriander, Celery, Chives) Onion, Garlic, Iodised salt, Sooji, Wheat Fiber, Water Retention Agent E451(i), Mustard (Allergen), Yeast Extract Powder, Corn Starch, Lactose, Mushroom (Allergen), Carrageenan (E-407), Thickener E-412, Xanthan Gum E-415, Isolated Soya Protein (Allergen), Breadcrumbs (Refined Wheat flour, Yeast, Iodised Salt, Acidity regulator (E260) and Preservative (E282), Batter [(Refined Wheat Flour, Maize Starch, Maize Flour, Iodized Salt, Stabilizer (466)].

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Weight 250 g


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