Power Eggs 6 Pcs


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Yojana Poultry’s Power Eggs are bright white colour eggs in commercial size i.e 50g plus size. These Power Eggs are enriched with Selenium which makes them more nutritious than other available eggs. These eggs, packed with immune-supporting selenium, are one of the vital trace minerals essential for everyday health that is lacking in regular diets.

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  • Nutritional Facts


Per 100 gm (Approximate):
Protein- 12.5 g
, Calcium- 50 mg,
Phosphorous – 178 mg,
Iron- 1.44 mg,
Vitamin A – 634 IU,
Vitamin B12- 1 mcg,
Vitamin D – 49 IU ,
Riboflavin (B2) – 0.508 mg,
Thiamine (B1)- 0.062 ,
Selenium – 25 mcg,


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