Desi Eggs 6 Pcs


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  • Desi Eggs are DHA Enriched country eggs that are laid by hens that are free to range lush green pastures, perch, wing flap, dust bathe, stand, lay down and lay eggs without artificial interference in the laying cycles.
  • The feed of the hen is enriched with organic marine algae rich in DHA.
  • They have unrestricted access to outdoor and indoor living space which is about 80 times or more than that of conventional caged hen, i.e., 40 sq. ft/hen.
  • They are also supplemented with ayurvedic herbal feed such as turmeric, garlic, amla, drumstick leaves etc, to improve immunity/disease resistance.
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  • Nutritional Facts


Calories: 70
Carbs: 0g
Fat: 5g
Protein: 6g


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